What's Reiki?

        The Chi energy through practitioner hands..

              Started in Japan 1922 by Master Mikao Usui


     Helps relax the muscles, increase blood flow, thus healing            naturally.

     Reduce stress, insomnia, headache, stomach ache .

     Release anger, fear, worries, sadness

About Florentina:

She is a health care provider since 2003, holistic dental hygienist, holistic nutritionist, certified in Iridology, health coach by IIN, master in Reiki, Holy Fire II and author.

​Had intensive training from founder of Reiki American Association, William Lee Rand, Thomas Anstett 

​Session is 45 -70minutes

         $75.00.- $95.00


Healing stones and Chakra points.

Using secret symbols for healing


Relaxing music

​Positive intention