This lecture was developed with the intention to allow dental professionals to learn and  understand the role of biological approach in addition to conventional dental treatments. The lecture has 2 parts with a  relevant video in each session, hands on some of the integrative medicine treatments, Q&A.

Over the last 3 years , at the beginning of the lectures, I observed some hesitation but most of all, curiosity among audience. However at the end of each lecture, dentists and hygienists showed intense engagements on finding more answers and willing to incorporate some of the solutions and techniques to their practice.



In a recent survey, 89% of the parents who participated would recommend this topic to colleagues.

How Holistic Dentistry Applies to Dentists & Hygienists :


New Lecture: 

​Application of Eco-Dentistry

​3-4 CEU

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   Florentina Galla, RDH

1.To learn how holistic aspect of dentistry, is integrated to dental hygiene therapies as the hygienists & dentists support healing through a preventative and curative approach.

2. To learn how incorporating oral and microbiological risk assessment/plaque sample using phase contrast microscope. can be an valuable addition to a proper dental assessment. Example: Spinning rods, WBC, RBC, Spirochetes etc.. 

3. Hand-on using pH saliva strips testing; In addition to health history, blood pressure is taken, C-Reactive Protein measurement on patients with cardio vascular history.

4. To incorporate and learn the rationale of using tests such as Melisa and CMRT-Clifford Material Reactivity Test by which specific applied dental materials , may or may not be bio-compatible to patient.

5.To Introduce on how , why and when integrative  homeopathic therapies, may stop and reduce gum imbalance, tooth decay ; oil pulling ,essential oils, homeopathy. integrating eco-friendly, eco-friendly solutions/antimicrobials and bio-compatible , Ozone therapy, non-BPA, Nano-particle molecules, high durability dental materials. (Required certification).

6. To recommend and educate patient on proper nutrition , danger of trans-fats, simple carbs and sugars, the culprit of inflammation. Awareness of sustainable foods, organic vs. GMO(genetic modified organism). Periodontal maintenance together with nutritional discussions will help reduce dental decay , as well helping manage other chronic degenerative diseases.

7. Steps on how biologic DMD's uses the safety procedure to amalgam/Hg removal based on IAOMT protocol. Watch a video relevant to Hg vapor release.

8. To learn and identify hidden allergens, preservatives, gluten, mold, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, mercury and other environmental toxins/EMF's can affect oral and systemic health.

"It was never shown in schools this new topic. Well, I've learned wasn't new as I thought. Being able to show patients their "bad" bacteria was cool, and test their pH saliva with the pH strips was a mind blowing. Thanks for sharing .

                                                Alfia F. RDA


This lecture is simply an informative, educational presentation only; by any means is to impose or deter of any professional's approach from their practice!


"I was impressed with the wide variety  of information. To be able to do a blood work and test compatibility of specific dental material ,was something I want to incorporate to my patient' assessment  arsenal ".

                                            Dr. Porro M, DDS